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20Sep 2022

Select the phytase variety with the best phosphorus release rate; try to use feed ingredients with rich phosphorus content; use phytase in excess dose (6-12 times) in low-phosphorus diets; adjust hydrogen according to the calcium and phosphorus needs of different animal diets Calcium dosage (for medium and large pigs, hydrogen calcium is replaced 1-2 months […]

02Sep 2022

  The Feed flavors for feed is generally required to have strong special properties and meet the requirements of the breed age and taste preference of specific animals; its flavor concentration is relatively stable, and can withstand various adverse factors in processing, transportation and storage to varying degrees; compatibility Good property, no conflict with feed raw […]

26Aug 2022

1.Feed flavors is a kind of sensory additive which is used to improve and enhance the natural taste and smell of feed, and promote feeding, growth and generation by studying and utilizing physiological principles such as the sense of smell and taste of livestock and poultry. It is a special additive added to the feed […]

10May 2022

1. Have a better understanding of the performance of feed flavors: the performance of feed flavors that users need to know includes the aroma type, safety and stability, the relationship between dosage and aroma intensity, and perfuming technology. Choose the flavor that animals are familiar with and like: When changing the flavor product, avoid too abrupt […]

20Apr 2022

1. Non-starch polysaccharides in wheat feed Wheat, barley and other wheat raw materials contain a lot of soluble non-starch polysaccharides (see Table 1), which leads to an increase in water consumption and an increase in the viscosity of the chyme after the chickens eat, which not only hinders the physical contact between digestive enzymes and […]

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