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26Aug 2020
Cattle feed flavor

“Nutrition” is the process of ingestion, digestion and absorption. Feed intake determines the total amount of nutrient intake, and improving animal feed intake is the first issue that needs to be considered in nutrition technology. The amount of food intake of dairy cows directly affects the level of milk production. Increasing food intake can increase […]

03Jan 2020

1.Sorbic acid and its salts: effective at pH values below 5-6. Sorbic acid can participate in the metabolism of the body without residues and good safety. The added amount is 0.05% -0.15% of the feed. Mostly used with other antifungal agents to expand the antibacterial spectrum and increase the antifungal effect. Generally, 0.6% -10% of […]

16Apr 2019
animal feed flavors

The quality of feed depends mainly on the three major factors of nutrition level, feed intake and digestion and absorption. Balanced nutrition, large feed intake, good digestion and absorption of feed is a quality feed. Adding a flavoring agent to the feed can not only increase the feed intake and digestion and absorption rate, but […]

19Jan 2019
fish feed flavor

Feed flavors, also known as attractants and appetite enhancers, are closely related to animal functions such as taste, smell, respiratory system and digestive system. Many production practices have proven. (1) The feed flavor can supplement the natural flavor missing in the feed processing, masking the bad odors such as minerals, vitamins and drugs in the […]

23May 2018

  1, focus on quality evaluation indicators. Sweetener as the most direct contact with the taste of pigs, its importance is self-evident, must control the quality of sweeteners. Users can focus on multi-dimensional quality assessment indicators such as content, sweetness, sweetness, homogeneity, stability, added amount, and feed intake. If only the sweetness is marked, most […]

23May 2018

What is a sweetener? What kind of sweetener is a favorite sweet source for animals? With these issues we explore and study. 1. What are the main ingredients of sweeteners? First, the list of feed additives can be used as the main sweet sources: sodium saccharin, calcium saccharin, sumarin, NHDC, maltodextrin, sucrose, glucose, sorbitol, and […]

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