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On August 18, 2019, the average price of pigs in the country has exceeded 24 rmb/KG, creating another historical high.

After entering August, the price of white bars finally led to a sharp rise in the market due to the acquisition cost. According to the statistics of pig slaughtering, the average price of white strips in the slaughterhouse in the third week of August 2019 was 28.49 yuan, up 11% from last week. At the same time, the average price of white strips in the wholesale market rose by 7.91%, which was lower than that of the slaughterhouse. Ex-factory price. Moreover, the sharp increase in the price of white bars in the slaughterhouse is a significant decline in the slaughter volume. According to the slaughter data, the average daily slaughter volume dropped to around 400 tons this week, down 60% from last week. From this, it can be seen that the slaughter plant has taken measures to reduce the price on the shipping price and the volume of goods shipped. As far as the stocks of frozen products in slaughterhouses are concerned, the overall inventory in the country is generally around 40%-45% of the total storage capacity. The inventory in the northern provinces is relatively high, and some of them are over 60%. As the price of live pigs continues to rise, the frozen goods market is getting better. . At present, the eastern three provinces and Shandong slaughterhouses have begun to stock the frozen products in May and June. However, in general, frozen stocks are still optimistic about the market in the fourth quarter, and are still waiting for the opportunity.

As far as the pig farm is concerned, the pig source has continued to decrease this week, the number of slaughter continues to decline, and national tensions have deepened. With the basic sale of retail investors in the past, the right to speak in the scale field and the group pig farm has taken the lead in the wave of rising pig prices.

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