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Cattle feed flavor
Cattle feed flavor

“Nutrition” is the process of ingestion, digestion and absorption. Feed intake determines the total amount of nutrient intake, and improving animal feed intake is the first issue that needs to be considered in nutrition technology.

The amount of food intake of dairy cows directly affects the level of milk production. Increasing food intake can increase the intake of nutrients in dairy cows, thereby increasing milk production. Studies have shown that every increase in food intake of dairy cows by 0.4KG will increase milk production by 1KG. Food intake has always been the primary concern for formulating dairy cow diets. The food intake of dairy cows is affected by factors such as their own health, external environment and feed palatability. Among them, feed palatability has a direct impact on the food intake of dairy cows.

Feed palatability is a combination of the taste, aroma and texture characteristics of feed or diet. It is the synthesis of the animal’s sense of vision, smell, touch and taste in the process of foraging, positioning and eating. reflect. The palatability determines the degree of feed received by the animal, and it affects the feed intake by affecting the animal’s appetite.

Cows have a clear tendency to fragrant and sweet foods, so adding flavoring and sweetening attractants to dairy cow diets can play a role in attracting food.

Adding attractants to feed can improve the palatability of feed by masking the unpleasant taste of feed due to anti-nutritional factors, mildew, oxidative rancidity and feed ingredients.

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