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Coated vitamin C

At present, the types of vitamin C on the market are extremely unstable and oxidizing due to crystalline vitamin C, and provide a destructive environment for vitamin C during feed processing, such as cattle pelleting, puffing, dampness, metal ion storage, etc. When crystallizing vitamin C, even if it is added 4-5 times the required amount, its effective value cannot be guaranteed.There are basically three types of vitamin C sources on the market.

The first generation is crystalline vitamin C, which is cheap and has a high vitamin C content, but it is easy to oxidize and fail, and it is less directly used in production.

The second generation is coated vitamin C, which is a film that is coated on the surface of fine vitamin C crystals by physical methods (ethyl fiber coating, fat coating or microcapsule coating)To insulate the effects of oxygen, water, light, heat, and metal ions, and enhance the stability of vitamin C. The content of this type of vitamin C is also relatively high, generally 90%-97%.Its stability is better than that of crystalline type, but it is still not suitable for puffing granulation, and there are many uncertain factors. Therefore, in production applications, most manufacturers still have to double the addition according to actual needs.

Tests have confirmed that the granulation temperature and stability of coated vitamin C in the premix are from low to high: monomer vitamin, ethyl fiber coating, fat coating, and microcapsule coating. The coated vitamin C provided by VALOR company is fat coated. Its stability and price are the best.

The third-generation vitamin C is a vitamin derivative, L-ASCORBATE-2-PHOSPHATE, which uses chemical methods to protect the effective activity of vitamin C and can be absorbed 100% in the animal body. It has good stability and is suitable for puffing and granulating fish and shrimp feed, and contains growth-promoting phosphorus compounds, but the content of vitamin C is relatively low, and the content of active vitamin C is generally 10%-35%. L-ASCORBATE-2-PHOSPHATE provided by VALOR company greatly improves the survival rate, weight gain rate and immunity of aquatic animals.

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