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Piglet Feed Flavoring

1. The spice used as a flavoring agent for piglets must be internationally recognized as safe and edible spice. Some spices are harmful to piglets or have side effects. It is not among the safe edible spices that are not in the internationally recognized range. After use, it will affect the health of piglets, so it cannot be used as a flavoring agent for piglets.

2 .Piglets have different preferences for flavors at different growth stages. In the early stage, they prefer milk flavors that are similar to breast milk flavors. As the intake increases, citrus flavors or sweet flavors should be added. In addition, when a flavoring agent is selected, it should not be changed during feeding. If the flavoring agent is changed, the piglets will refuse to eat, and the feed intake will drop significantly within a week, which will seriously affect the weight gain. It will gradually recover after a week.

3 .It is better to add flavoring agent to powder material than to use it in granule material. Flavoring agents are used in compound pellets for piglets. The effect of increasing the daily feed intake of piglets is not obvious compared with that of powdered materials, and the effect of increasing daily weight gain and feed return is not significant. When used in compound  powdered feed, it can significantly increase the daily feed intake, daily gain, feed remuneration and economic benefits of piglet feeding.

4. It is better to use flavoring agents in feeds with low quality and low palatability than in feeds with high quality and high palatability. Since the addition of flavoring agent mainly increases the smell and palatability of feed, adding flavor to high-quality piglet feed is not as obvious as low-quality feed.

5. Most fragrances have the best effect when the concentration is 0.05%. On this basis, increasing the amount of use will not be very effective. The optimal concentration of different flavors and piglets of different ages is different.

6 .Processing technology and storage During the process of feed processing, high temperature, high pressure and other methods will accelerate the degradation of feed flavors. Therefore, it is better to use surface spraying after processing. Most fragrances are volatile, and it is best not to mix them with alkaline substances when using them, so as to prevent the fragrance from evaporating and losing quickly. In addition, during the storage of the feed, due to the influence of temperature, humidity and other factors, the flavors in it are constantly overflowing. Therefore, the storage period of the feed should not be too long, generally not more than three months.

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