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The quality of feed depends mainly on the three major factors of nutrition level, feed intake and digestion and absorption. Balanced nutrition, large feed intake, good digestion and absorption of feed is a quality feed. Adding a flavoring agent to the feed can not only increase the feed intake and digestion and absorption rate, but also alleviate the loss of appetite caused by various stress reactions such as weaning, high temperature, startle, transportation, and replacement of feed, and the production performance is lowered, and the feed product can be greatly improved. The quality grade will enhance the market competitiveness of feed enterprises, which is conducive to the sale of goods and bring significant economic benefits to both manufacturers and users. Some feed mills with better operating efficiency produce high feed prices, but the quality is good. Pigs and chickens love to eat and grow fast. Users are welcome and sell well. One of the mysteries is the use of feed flavors and corresponding feeds. Aromatherapy, therefore, the correct use of aromas for feed is an effective way to improve the quality of feed products.

When adding a fragrance to the feed, different types of fragrances must be used depending on the sensitivity of the different animals to the fragrance. In addition to considering whether the flavor of the fragrance itself is suitable for animal and feed costs, the following aspects should be considered:
(1) Stability: refers to the quality stability of the fragrance during storage, feed processing, and feed storage.
  (2) Harmonicity: Whether it will affect the efficacy of the fragrance when mixed with other raw materials and additives;
(3) Whether the uniformity, consistency, dispersibility and hygroscopicity of the fragrance itself are normal;
(4) dosage effectiveness, heat resistance, safety;
(5) Ester compounds and aromatic aldehydes are very unstable to alkaline substances, and should be taken care of when mixing.

Defining the use of the object and the purpose of use, to understand the flavor preference of the animal: if the purpose is to attract, maintain or increase the feed intake, it is necessary to choose a flavor with animal flavor, which combines the sense of smell and taste better; In the pig stock, if the flavoring agent used does not contain a sweetener, it needs to be added. In addition, the preference for scent and taste of suckling pigs, piglets and large pigs is inconsistent, and the corresponding flavoring agent should be selected.

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