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We will assign the most suitable factory to your specific orders by our rich experience and geographical advantages. On the premise of the stable and reliable quality, we ensure you the best price and you will be the most competitive in your local market.

We have good relationship with big shipping agencies, which ensure your cargo can be transported safely, timely and economically, meanwhile, any problems happened to your cargo will have priority.

We will help with customs clearance for free by providing full set of documents and other tips. Moreover, complete customs clearance service can also be provided (separated charges).

We will provide reliable after-sales service, handling the problems efficiently within 7 days. In addition, you can also consult and buy the postpone quality guarantee service from our sales. After the quality guarantee period, we can provide continued after-sales service with charges.

We have a complete set of certificates, ensuring your products in conformity with local laws, which promotes cooperation with the large enterprises.

We have storage service cooperators. Your cargo can be stored in our warehouse with low cost and delivered to port swiftly when needed.

We are very glad to provide customization service to meet the various demands of your customers and the market.

Our quality controllers will provide you real-time order status together with sales to ensure the order will be completed on time as requested.

We will provide timely crucial industrial consultation, including product price trend, ocean freight trend etc. to help you make a scheme in ahead to face all the challenges caused by uncertain factors.

If you are interested, welcome to become our agent in your local market. We will provide a variety of product promotion information for free to help you expand your business.