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Rumen protected Choline Chloride


  1. Increase milk production in early lactation.
  2. Increase the peak height of the lactation curve.
  3. Ensure the health of dairy cows during the perinatal period.  
  4. Reduce fatty liver,ketosis and abomasal displacement.
  5. Increase weight gain and feed efficiency in beef cattle.
ActivityCholine chloride content: ≥25%
Physical aspectWhite to cream granules
DoseDairy cows: 20-50 g/ day;Sheep and goats: 10-15 g/day;Fattening cattle: 10-30 g/ day
Authorized CarriersSpecific vegetal fat
Packaging 25 Kg/bag.
Shelf life12 months
StorageKeep in dry, fresh and apart from light area.

USE:Dairy cows, Beef cattle

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