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  1. Increase the availability of phosphorus and

other phytase-bound nutrients in feeds;

2.Reduce the need for inorganic phosphate supplementation;

3.Reduce the phosphorus output from swine and poultry;

4.Relieve the chelation of the phytate with digestive enzymes;

5.Higher growth rate and extra body weight gain in broilers;

6.Prevent leg related disorders.

CompositionPhytase≥10 000 U/g
Physical aspectOff-white powder or granule
Characteristic Thermostable at temperatures of 95ºC; Maintain maximal activity from pH 4.0 to 7.0. 
Dose100-200 g/MT of complete feed Replace 0.15% aP and 0.1% Ca in feed
Authorized CarriersZeolite
PackagingPolywoven Bag 25Kg.
Shelf life18 months
StorageStored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place at max 25ºC; Protect from direct sunlight, heat and dampness; avoid storing with poisonous and harmful substances; Wrap properly both interal & exteral packings after using to avoid the dust mixing.

USE: Broiler, Layer, Breeder, Pigs, Turkey, etc.
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