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Valor C (Coated vitamin C/Coated Ascorbic Acid)

Valor C (Coated Vitamin C/Coated Ascorbic Acid)

Valor C, a revolutionary product of Coated Vitamin C which is the first brand of Coated VC in China. It is with intact coating, high processing retention rate and etc. which is superior to other Coated VC.

    Product introduction

VC has a wide range of physiological function and plays an important role in the health of animals. However, VC is rather unstable and can be destroyed by oxidation of oxygen and metal ion, especially under quenching granulation conditions that are of high temperature and humidity.

Valor C is manufactured and checked by well-trained staff. Crystal VC with the moderate particle size and composite coating materials are used as starting materials. Advanced coating machine is equipped. The above innovation in production factors has created two major features of Valor C:

Firstly, Large granule, uniformity and opacity. Large granules and opacity indicates the good integrity of Valor C. And the particle size is similar to that of other starting materials in the feed can assure the mixing uniformity.

      Technical index

Product characteristics

1. Storage stability
Add by 10% of Coated VC to premix and store for 90 days at room temperature. The retention rate in Valor C group is much higher than that of other Coated VC group.

  1. Stability under accelerated test conditions

Add by 5% of Coated VC from other manufacturers to 0.5% premix for pigs, seal and place at stable test chamber to do the accelerated test (set as 60℃, 75%RH).  The test period is 8 days and to calculate the retention rate of VC from each group after test.


1. Proposed dosage (g/t compound feed):
Piglet      100-200
Boar        150-500

2. Packaging size: 25kg/ carton;

3. Shelf life: 12 months.

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