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Vitamin C phosphate/L-ASCORBATE-2-PHOSPHATE

Talor C (Vitamin C phosphate/L-ASCORBATE-2-PHOSPHATE )

Talor C(Vitamin C phosphate) is a revolutionary product of stabilizing VC. Comparing with crystalline VC, Talor C shows its superiority in stability in granulation, storage and into water. All these has made Talor C the higher cost performance for the use in aquatic feed pellet and expanded feed.

Product introduction

VC has a wide range of physiological function and plays an important role in the health of animals. However, VC is rather unstable and can be destroyed by oxidation of oxygen and metal ion, especially under quenching granulation conditions that are of high temperature and humidity.

Talor C is developed and put into manufacturing in 2001 and the many years of manufacturing experience has enabled Talor C the superior stability. In addition, Valor has taken the lead in introducing lean production management to improve quality, costs and date of delivery continually which endowed the outstanding competitive advantage of products.

Technical index

Product characteristics

1.  Granulation stability
During the manufacturing of expanded feed with the processing temperature of 150℃, the VC retention rate of Talor C group is more than 80%, while the VC retention rate of ordinary Coated VC group and Crystal VC group is 25.4% and 10.1% respectively.

2. Storage stability
45 days of premixed feed under room temperature after the adding of various VCs, the VC retention rate of Talor C group is 95.0% which is much higher than that of ordinary Coated VC group and Crystal VC group.

3. Stability in water
5 minutes after the soaking of prawn feed in sea water, the VC retention rate of Talor C group is 62.0% while the VC retention rate of Crystal VC group is 7.8%. 120 minutes later, the VC retention rate of Talor C group and Crystal VC group has reduced to 41.7% and 4.3 % respectively.


1.Proposed dosage: The proportion in compound feed for poultry is 200-700g/t;

2. Packaging size: 25kg/ carton;

3. Shelf life: 24 months.

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