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About Valor chemical

About Us

Chong qing Valor chemical Co.,Ltd founded in 1992, it is a professional manufacturer of Nutritional supplement、feed additives for aquaculture and livestock,After years of research and development,feed flavorsGarlic powdermold inhibitorsfeed acidifiersfeed sweetenerOregano oilVitaminsAmino AcidsFeed Enzyme、etc. are selected by large domestic enterprises,was widely praised and well received.

The corporation is located in Agricultural High-tech Industries Demonstration Zone. It has a standard workshop of 10000 square meter floor area installed with modernized flow production line and advanced quality control facilities.

Our Mission:

  • From the very beginning, our aim has been to make outstanding economic results possible for our customers and guarantee the unrestricted marketability of feed ,Our desire not only to sell our products ,but also to offer our customers a comprehensive technical consultation service in the animal diet and nutrition sector.

  • Our Vision:

  • We are saying less about feed additives here and more about their purpose: greater profitability. We assist premix manufacturers and feedstuff producers, like swine feed producers, ruminant feed producers,poultry feed producers or pet food producers, in getting real, unique selling points for their customers. In turn, they get valuable advice for dealing with the processors of their products

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