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Feed acidifiers

Feed acidifiers for animal feed

Feed acidifiers for swine

Apply for: To be used in Swine feed.

Ammonium format ≥ 25%,Acetic acid ≥5%,Lactic acid ≥10%,Citric acid ≥ 5%

Propionic acid ≥ 7%,Silicon dioxide ≥48%

Feed acidifiers for poultry

Apply for: To be used in poultry feed.

Ammonium format≥30%,Acetic acid ≥ 10%,Lactic acid ≥0.8%,Citric acid≥1%,Propionic acid ≥6%,Silicon dioxide ≥52.2%

Liquid Feed acidifiers

Apply for: To be used in all faming.

Ammonium formate≥ 24%,Formic acid ≥30%,Lactic acid ≥ 0.5%,Acetic acid ≥ 8.5%,Citric acid ≥ 0.5%

Water ≥36.5%

Feed acidifiers for aquaculture

Apply for: To be used in aquaculture feed.

ammonium formate ≥45%, propionic acid ≥12

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