Complex Feed Enzyme for poultry feed;pig feed | Valorchemical—animal feed additives

Complex Feed Enzyme for poultry feed;pig feed

Complex Feed Enzyme for poultry feed;pig feed

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  1. Degrade anti-nutritional factors in feed,reduce chyme viscosity and release nutrients wrapped by cell wall;
  2. High activity of protease and amylase,improve crude protein and starch absorption and utilization effectively,

Increase feed nutritional value;

  • Improve growth performance,in terms of weight gain,egg production,and feed conversion ratio;
  • Reduce diarrhea rate ,ammonia taste and odor in animal house,and the occurrence of the disease;
  • Stabilize feed quality,prevent fluctuation caused by difference of raw materials.
Composition(OEM) Protease,Xylanase,Beta-Mannanase,Cellulase,Beta-Glucanase,Alpha-Amylase
Physical aspect Off-white powder or granule;
Characteristic Degrade anti-nutrient factors of mannose in feed,eliminate intestinal viscosity,reduce intestinal flatulence and improve energy utilization of feed; The collocaton of mannanase ,cellulase and xylanase Enzyme can make rapid and synergistic degradation of anti nutritional factors in cereal cell wall;CVB100 can enhance digestion and absorption of crude protein in soybean and other protein raw materials,improve protein utilization in feed effectively;Amylase was supplemented to Enzyme to improve digestion and absorption feed starch,feed metabolizable energy value ,and increase weight gain;Xylanase and cellulase was produced by adopting intergraed enzyme technology,which improves their coordination and cooperation effect in feed and strengthen enzyme application effect;Enzyme prossesses the outstanding enzymology performance and efficient ability do degrade complex substrate,it is resistant to high temperature and humidity.Furthermore,it also has good tolerance to pepsin and trypsin,which is suitable to take action in animal intestine.
Dose 100-200 g/MT
Authorized Carriers Zeolite
Packaging Polywoven Bag 25Kg.
Shelf life 12 months
Storage Stored in a ventilated,cool and dry place
USE: All growing stages of swine & poultry

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