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Feed acidifiers for poultry

Feed acidifiers for poultry,Use in poultry feed, for chickens, ducks. feed mill and farm.

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  1. Keep the ideal pH value in stomach.
  2. Make feed be more attractant by sour smell.
  3. Organic acid slowly released in animals’ stomach.
  4. Feed preservation.Extend the shelf life of feed.
  5. Feed acidification. Make it easy to be digested and absorbed.




Composition Ammonium format≥30%,Acetic acid ≥ 10%,Lactic acid ≥0.8%,Citric acid≥1%,Propionic acid ≥6%,Silicon dioxide ≥52.2%
Physical aspect White free flowing powder
OEM Accepted
Dose 1-2kg/Ton of complete feed
Authorized Carriers Feed grade silicon dioxide
Packaging Polywoven Bag 25Kg.
Shelf life 24 months
Storage Keep in dry, fresh and apart from light area.

USE: Poultry feed.

1. Increase or reduce the dosage with the situation of feed materials and season.
2. Double quantity when need treat or meet an emergency.

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