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Animal Feed flavor

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Animal Feed flavor

1.To encourage high feed intake           2.To get more regularity in consumption

3.For flexibility in the formulation                        4.To improve group homogeneity

Raspberry feed flavor

Raspberry feed flavor,Improve feed smell and pleasure, rise up feed grade and strengthen product competitiveness in the market.

Butter feed flavor

Butter feed flavor,Enhance feed palatability with the flavor, taste and texture that animals love

Cream feed flavor

Cream feed flavor,High temperature resistant.(more than 80 degree)

Strawberry sweet milk flavour

Strawberry sweet milk flavour for animal feeds,feed additives for pig ,cattles,poultry,fish

Roast bean feed flavour

Roast bean feed flavour in feed

Grass feed flavour

Grass feed flavour for animal feed,use in to catlle feeds, fish feed, rabbits feed, sheep feed.

Fish feed flavour

Fish feed flavour,feed additives for fish feed

Fruit milk feed flavour

Fruit milk feed flavour for animal

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